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Do you have a contractor?

Already working with a contractor and need an Interior design expert?


Of course someone has to do the construction right? I closely work with contractors to effectively utilize everyone's time on the project to complete it smoothly. Let me be the design expert on your project from start to finish.


Are you a contractor?


Are you in need of an

Interior Designer with

an architecture


How would I benefit you?


  • Work hands-on with all project sources

  • Leave the design up to the experts

  • Itemized material list

  • 3D renderings to show your client the
    design before signing off

  • Communication between client, contractor and designer

  • Client has a visual of everything in the project for sign-off

  • Time savings for the client and contractor

Contractor Testimonials



"Kristina's kitchen rendering was so realistic looking that my client could easily make the decision on the materials and room design. The renderings shortened the time it took my clients to make a decision and avoided having change orders. This allowed me to bring in the project on time and within budget."

Re-Amirs Home Improvements Inc. Downers Grove, IL.

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